Peacocks, Rhinos and the Secret to Products that Fly Off Shelves

Nobelus LuxeFilms

Spotlight: Nobelus

There’s an awakening going on. With so much of modern life consigned to the samey-sameness of phones, tablets and laptops, consumers now increasingly want to experience brands and products through dazzling print effects and eminently touchable materials. (One recent survey even discovered that 56% of shoppers visit stores purely to see and touch products before buying them online.) Which means the question now isn’t if you should be designing with texture and shine in mind, but how you can do it most impressively.

One look at these wild ’n lively mini-boxes from Nobelus – all printed on Clearwater Candesce 18 pt. C1S SBS – is all it takes to realize that the secret to doing this lies in their line of tantalizingly tactile overlaminate LuxeFilms. (Pay attention: You can actually get your hands on a complete set of them – simply jump to the bottom of the page for your chance to win!)

Karess Box: Unparalleled Color and Feel

Not only does Karess make your colors pop with a vivid clarity that surpasses other films, but it also feels as delicate as a rose petal to the touch, lending a silky lusciousness to your work. Add to that scuff-resistance and durability and you have a can’t-fail tool for making any product look and feel more valuable and luxurious. (For an extra whiff of intrigue, Ebony Karess provides a black pigmented matte surface whose consistency cannot be matched by Black ink alone.)

Nobelus LuxeFilms Karess

  • Print: KBA Rapida 106 CMYK
  • Special Effect: Digital Spot UV with MGI Jet Varnish


Streams of Light HoloGrafik Box: The Light of Life

The sun peeking out from behind the skyscraper beautifully shows off this overlaminate’s vibrant light band pattern which is so seamless, you can’t tell where it repeats. And because it’s clear, you can even layer it over other LuxeFilms offerings for a truly out-of-this-world look. (For an extra dash of color, give Rainbow HoloGrafik a try.)

  • Print: KBA Rapida 106 CMYK

Nobelus LuxeFilms Holografik

ScuffProof Box: As Tough and Majestic as a Rhino

If you’re creating high-use items, you’ll want to enlist ScuffProof – the highest scuff-protection Nobelus offers. Rated at 6-7 gloss points, it’s almost considered a Satin. Want to add Spot UV, glues and/or foil stamping? It handles all of these with ease.

  • Print: HP Indigo 30000 Press CMYK
  • Special Effect: Digital Spot UV with MGI Jet Varnish


PlatinumGS Box: A Peacock’s Tail of Pretty Possibilities

“Show off” this box boldly suggests, and deploys the feathers of that most showy of birds, the peacock, to show you how it’s done. It’s all digitally printed on Nobelus’ PlatinumGS, its high-gloss surface making it ideal for use with Spot UV coatings, foil stamping, and most glues. Whether you’re working on presentation folders, packaging, book covers or something else entirely, they all will come out looking gorgeous.

  • Print: HP Indigo 30000 Press CMYK
  • Special Effect: Kurz Luxor Foil

Nobelus LuxeFilms


UltraMatte Box: Never Forget This Tough Matte

Extremely scuff-resistant, UltraMatte film boasts a 1.5-2 gloss point dullness that’s very close to Karess’ own – it’s a dead-flat matte. It also provides a high level of contrast.

  • Print: HP Indigo 30000 Digital Press CMYK
  • Special Effects: Digital Spot UV with MGI Jet Varnish


FineLinen & FineLeather Boxes: More Than a Feeling

With their unique emboss patterns, the FineLinen and FineLeather overlaminates feel like high-end European linen and fine-grain leather, respectively, adding a rich, appealing dimension you can see as well as feel. Their scuff-resistant matte finishes are also glueable, stampable, and accept Spot UV with ease.

Nobelus LuxeFilms FineLeather

  • Print: HP Indigo 30000 Digital Press CMYK
  • Special Effects: FineLinen: Embossed; FineLeather: Foil


Mirror Metalized Box: Beauty in a Butterfly Wing

What better metaphor could there be for the freedom that this brilliant silver foil effect lends your designs? From foil stamping to specialty varnishes, this brilliant silver metallic polyester film will take it all and make you shine.

Nobelus LuxeFilms Mirror Metalized

  • Print: HP Indigo 30000 Digital Press CMYK + 2 Hits Opaque White


Every one of these beautiful, finger-pleasing films is perfect for:

  • Soft and hardbound book covers
  • High-use pocket folders
  • Business cards and presentation pieces
  • Cosmetic and jewelry packaging
  • Electronics packaging
  • 3-ring binders
  • Liquor and luxury product packaging
  • Any package with high consumer interaction
  • Rigid boxes


This is it: See and Feel What You’ve Been Missing!

Ready to experience what a difference these laminates can make to your designs? Enter to win one of 50 mini-box sets – featuring all the laminates mentioned above – right now! Hurry, contest ends Nov. 14th! (North American entries only, please.) [THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED]



Karess, UltraMatte, ScuffProof, Streams of Light HoloGrafik, FineLinen and FineLeather, Mirror Metalized, Rainbow HoloGrafik Metalized and PlatinumGS are all registered trademarks of Nobelus.


Nobelus LuxeFilms

Nobelus LuxeFilms

Nobelus LuxeFilms



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