Silky Cashmere Broadside Print

It all started with a deceptively simple wedding invitation. Of course there was nothing simple about it. This invitation felt sumptuous and luxurious, and it was not the paper. This invitation provided a much greater treat for the fingertips than any textured finishes you’re likely to encounter.

One word sums it up: Cashmere. Yes, Real Posh Cashmere.

We have all seen our fair share of interesting and intriguing wedding invitations, but in this case the designers at Bella Figura created a bespoke invitation set that is not only a feast for the eyes, but also a truly multi-sensory experience.

The actual invitation, the RSVP card and even the envelope liner are all hot foil stamped with Silver foil, which already provides a nice subtle touch.

But the secret to this invitation is the Real Posh Cashmere fabric from House of Endi that is duplex laminated to a sheet of Flurry cotton paper [Get Swatchbook] from Boxcar Press. The cashmere is the backdrop for the hot foil, while on the RSVP card it makes for a sumptuous backing.

I was eager to find out more about this marvelous Posh Cashmere. Naturally, we could not get an additional few hundred invitations, so Bella Figura went back to the drawing board and created this special 8-x-10 inch print just for us.

“The printing press is either the greatest blessing or the greatest curse of modern times…” this broadside quips.

Produced by Bella Figura, it features this witty saying rendered in Black foil – except for the Platinum foil used for the words “printing press” – all designed by Elizabeth Harden of Hardink Calligraphy. On the back are the production credits digitally printed so as not to bruise or otherwise mar the fabric.

Not only is this a treat for the hands, but it’s also perfectly in line with one of the Top 5 Hottest Print Design Trends of this year: the inclusion of tactile qualities in print. [Watch the PRO Tip video]

The combination of finger-pleasingly soft Flurry cotton paper on the back and that ultra-lush cashmere fabric on the front transforms an already attractive print into a truly multi-sensory experience.


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Project Details

Title Silky Cashmere Broadside Print Design Hardink Calligraphy (Elizabeth Harden) Print Bella Figura Paper Boxcar Press Flurry, House of Endi Real Posh Cashmere

Production Details

Dimensions 8” x 10” Finishing and Binding Duplex laminating, foil stamping

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