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Clothing was the cause of political unrest and societal change long before the public burning of bras – an act that the ladies of the Rational Dress Society, a group founded in London in 1881, would surely have understood. Those Victorian ladies advocated for comfortable, beautiful and less restrictive dress. The name of the 21st century clothing company pays homage to this interesting bit of fashion history and serves as a jumping-off point for a very stylish brand identity.

The designers, inspired by modern art and raw materials, created a thoughtful and artistic stationery set that reflects the details used in the client’s clothing designs. The structure of the envelopes with their crossover closure is unique and reminds me of a classic wrap dress.

Gold gloss label is the basis for the signature “tape” that distinguishes the design. Like a belt, the tape wraps around a special notch detail diecut into the business card. It also makes a memorable appearance as the seal on the envelopes. Produced in long strips, the tape is meant to be torn by hand to give the edges a raw and relaxed feel.

Touches of gold and the choice of Mohawk Loop paper add a premium look to the upscale brand. The logo and founder’s name bleed off the top and bottom of the letterhead for avant-garde appeal.

Society for Rational Dress was featured as a Paper Inspiration.



Project Details

Title Society for Rational Dress Client Corinne Grassini Date April 2011 Design Duffy & Partners Print Franklin Press
Plymouth, MN
Paper Tape: Gold Gloss label 60 lb.
Letterhead: Mohawk Loop White 80 lb. Text
Business Card: Mohawk Loop Ivory 130 lb. Cover
Tissue Paper: White Tissue 10 lb.

Production Details

Dimensions Tape: 9/16" x 11"
Letterhead: 8.5 x 11"
Business Cards 3" x 2"
with custom die
Tissue Paper: 20" x 30"
Print Quantity Tape: 2,000 strip
Letterhead: 1,000 sheets
Business Card: 1,000 each
of 2 versions
Tissue Paper: 2,000 sheets
Plus samples of all
for Duffy & Partners
Production Time Ranging from 2 weeks to 2 months (including proofing) Printing Method Various Number of Colors Tape: one color
Letterhead: 2 colors
Business Card: 2 hits black + varnish
Tissue Paper: one color
Finishing and Binding Metallic tape (torn from strips) is wrapped around the business card, notecard or envelope as the brand’s seal.


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