Fastkit ‘FKIT’ Promo Piece

For years we’ve heard phrases like “pivot” and “lean in,” which basically mean adapting your business to fit the times in order to gain a competitive advantage. Not only is this Fastkit Self-Promotion Kit an excellent example of these philosophies, it also actually requires you to “pivot” the piece and “lean in” to soak up each and every detail!

Designed and produced by Fastkit, this package is the result of a complete brand refresh. With so many American brands “reshoring” their packaging from China to the U.S. because of shipping delays and high tariffs, Miami’s Fastkit is out to show them that they can compete with any company in the world when it comes to price, quality and design, thanks to their investment in the latest automated packaging-making technology. And as we’ll see, they’re not shy about getting this message across.

Let’s start with the sleeve, which instantly captures your attention in its own right with a lined texture laid down by raised Spot UV on all sides, giving it that all-important tactile appeal. Then there’s the digitally printed “Custom Boxes Made in America” message in White ink beneath an icon that blends the American flag with the Fastkit logo. And this is just the sleeve!

Removing it, the first thing you see is the message “Sick of Tariffs? FKIT, we make everything in America” in White foil on Winter & Company  Corvon Black Mano [PaperSpecs PRO members: Get Swatch Sheet!] wrapped around 95 pt. Eska chipboard.

Standing the box vertically with those mirror-image, Hot Foil stamped “Fastkit” logotypes at the top and sides, you gently pull them apart and they open like a Venus fly trap…and then open some more!

What you’re now presented with is a 3-piece box, each section expertly crafted and organized. The left section is dedicated to rigid boxes, with the “F” made up of 3 different box styles; all fit snuggly into perfectly designed grottoes. The raised Spot UV pattern from the sleeve shows up again here to add shading and haptic appeal.

The triangular box that makes up the top of the “K” features a magnetic closure, while the colorful pieces beneath are different varieties of Eska board that can be used to construct the boxes Fastkit makes. Note how the 2 cut-out areas here are different depths – this piece is all about the details!

If you are looking for folding cartons you will find them in the section on the right making up the “IT” – including straight tuck end to 2-piece matchbox sets.

But wait… Using a handy ribbon pull to lift up the lid of the center section reveals a custom branded Moleskine pocket notebook and Moleskine-branded Kaweco rollerball pen, also snuggly held in place, and surrounded by a foam tip on, the top of which has been digitally printed with White ink before being mounted onto the foam. Client logos on the underside of the lid are another nice touch, reminding potential clients they are in good company.

As you can see, we’re only scratching the surface here. This piece is so full of fun surprises, it could easily have its own TV show. We already have the perfect title for it: FKIT 😉

Project Details

Title Fastkit ‘FKIT’ Promo Piece Client Self Date June 2022
 Design Fastkit
Print Fastkit Paper -Sleeve: Winter & Company Corvon Black Mano over Black Flex Pack Antique 17pt.
-Outside of box: Winter & Company Corvon Black Mano over Eska Chipboard 95 pt.
-Inner boxes: Ecological Fibers Rainbow Black Texture Buckram over Eska Chipboard 95 pt.
-FKIT Small Boxes: Arjowiggins Curious Skin Grey, Indigo and Orange 91 lb. Text over Eska Chipboard 60 pt.
-Inner Triangle Board: Eska Colors Chipboard

Production Details

Print Quantity 500 Production Time 6 months (concept to finished product) Printing Method Digital, Spot UV Number of Colors 1 Finishing and Binding Hot foil stamping, automated wrap, gluing, magnet
  1. Deborah 1 year ago

    Holy Smokes! Beautifully crafted from concept to completion!

    • Aaron 1 year ago

      So glad you enjoyed it, Deborah!

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