UT Austin Challenge Coin


Commemorative coins have long been prized for their limited edition, non-circulating status. Minters and savvy collectors also know that packaging adds value and prestige. The Office of Admissions at the University of Texas Austin kept this in mind when they designed the simple, yet distinctive presentation box for the keepsake given to this year’s entering class.

Inspired by the circle as a symbol of eternity, the coin reminds the 2018 class that graduation will come and go, but a Longhorn’s relationship with the school will endure like an unending circle.

The school’s name, embossed in white foil on the box lid, makes a strong statement. I like the inverted V shape on two sides, which added a touch of interest and exposed the white of the bottom of the box tying the orange and white palette together.

An inscription on the inside of the lid serves up a welcome message meant to set the tone for each student’s college experience.


Project Details

Title UT Austin Challenge Coin Client Office of Admissions,
University of Texas
Date May 2014 Design Michael Caldwell, Hoyt Haffelder,
Mary Kincy Cope
Print Document Solutions, Austin TX Taylor Box, Warren RI Paper Ecological Fibers Rainbow Butterscotch 70 lb. Cover

Production Details

Dimensions 5.65 x 3.65 x 0.625" Print Quantity 8,000 Production Time 7 weeks Number of Colors One color (foil) Finishing and Binding Emboss, handwork


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