Dare Them to Look Away With Rainbow Holografik

Spotlight: Nobelus

Ever have those dark moments of the soul when you feel like distinctive typography and images alone simply aren’t enough to help your clients stand out in our uber-competitive marketplace? Wish you had an easy way to up the “oomph” factor? Turns out you do: the dynamic LuxeFilm Rainbow Holografik laminate from Nobelus.

This clear, 1.6 mil film is micro-embossed with tiny grooves that defract light, creating limitless patterns. The result: Your packaging, book covers, binders and more spring to life with stunning colors that shift as the viewer changes perspective. Frankly, you couldn’t ignore a Rainbow Holografik piece if you tried…but who’d want to?


There’s a virtual rainbow of benefits to using this stunning laminate, including:

  • High clarity and brilliant color
  • Its ability to adhere to most of your favorite substrates
  • A pattern that won’t rub off
  • An attention-grabbing effect that doesn’t distract from your piece’s overall branding and message but enhances it

Try as they might, your audience won’t be able to see any repeat in the intriguing holographic design. At the same time, they won’t be able to look away – the perfect solution to creating “shelf appeal” for luxury and other consumer goods.

A Luxurious Laminate With Unlimited Uses

Once you see a sample of LuxeFilm Rainbow Holografik, you’ll instantly begin to see the creative possibilities. Here are just a few:

  • Luxury packaging
  • Stunning direct mail pieces
  • Eye-catching point of sale (POS) promotions
  • Impressive ring binders and pocket folders
  • Memorable book covers
  • Shimmering labels

and more.

A Film That Plays Nicely With Others

Even better, you can harness the attention-grabbing power of LuxeFilm Rainbow Holografik film while still using the printing and finishing techniques you’ve always relied on to make your design work uniquely your own. It works with all of the following beautifully:

  • Offset, UV and screen printing
  • Die cutting
  • Folding and gluing
  • Foil stamping
  • Embossing/debossing

And because Rainbow Holografik is clear, you can even layer it over other LuxeFilm laminates such as Mirror Metalized and Gilt Metalized for a truly out-of-this-world look!

Ready to see for yourself how this stunning laminate can elevate your packaging, POS materials and more to the next level? Request your sample of Rainbow Holografik right now! Hurry, this offer ends Oct. 7th. (North American requests only, please.) THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED



Rainbow Holografik, Mirror Metalized and Gilt Metalized are all pending trademarks of Nobelus LLC.


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