Using ‘Cross Market Ingenuity’ to Extend a Brand’s Allure

Using ‘Cross Market Ingenuity’ to Extend a Brand’s Allure - Nobelus

Spotlight: Nobelus 

As a designer, you know you have the skills to create amazing packaging for your dream clients, but how do you convince them of that fact? You can start by showing them that you realize just how important consistency is to their brand. More importantly, promise them you can ensure that their brand looks – and feels – precisely the same no matter what form it takes, from folded cartons and flexible bags to labels, brochures, direct mail pieces and even menus. All it takes is a little “Cross Market Ingenuity” using Nobelus’ range of eminently touchable overlaminate LuxeFilms.  

How to Create a Signature Look and Feel

Companies invest vast amounts of time and money in making their products look a certain way no matter where they appear. In the old days that simply meant making sure that a brand’s signature color could be reproduced precisely on the packaging, a local advertisement, and everything in between.  

Now, thanks to Nobelus’ range of intriguing overlaminate films, you can also give your client’s packaging a signature tactile quality, too. Do they sell fine chocolates? How about using a film that feels as luscious as the chocolates on the box look? Here are just some of the film options available: 

  • Karess feels as delicate as a rose petal to the touch, lending a silky lusciousness to your work. 
  • FineLinen: A high-end European linen feel with a scuff-resistant matte finish 
  • ScuffProof: Rated at 6-7 gloss points, this film is almost considered a Satin and provides the highest scuff protection Nobelus offers. 
  • FineLeather: The look and feel of fine-grain leather, also with a scuff-resistant matte finish 
  • Rainbow HoloGrafik features a stunning spectral color. And because it’s clear, you can even layer it over other LuxeFilms offerings for a truly out-of-this-world look.  

Using ‘Cross Market Ingenuity’ to Extend a Brand’s Allure - Nobelus

Spread That Signature Look & Feel Everywhere

Crafted the perfect pairing of feel and image? Then get ready to extend that powerful combination across everything you produce for your client with Nobelus’ “Cross Market Ingenuity” concept 

Time to take a closer look at our hypothetical chocolate makers again. Luxe Chocolatiers have chosen that fingertip-pleasing FineLeather film for its tactile quality, and are using it everywhere:  

  • The Folded Carton Box houses a single scrumptious truffle 
  • The Flexible Bag holds a number of chocolates perfect for sharing 
  • The Round Box is actually a 3-pack – note the label which boasts that same FineLeather look and feel 
  • The Menu proves a mouthwatering display of all the tasty treats on offer. 

This, of course, is only the beginning – why stop there? Why not create a postcard with that very same look and feel? Or how about hangtags, a POP display? The possibilities are endless. 

Best of all, this is all much easier to accomplish than you might think. For starters, there’s a good chance your favorite print shop is already set up to provide this Cross Market Ingenuity. Many have already added labels to their offerings to reach a broader customer base, and some label producers are moving into flexible packaging production for the same reason.  

Using ‘Cross Market Ingenuity’ to Extend a Brand’s Allure - Nobelus

‘I Think I Really Need to See This to Appreciate It’

Nobelus thinks so, too, which is why they want to give you a chance to win 1 of 50 Cross Market Ingenuity Luxe Chocolatier sets, which include a menu, folded carton box, flexible bag and round labeled box. Enter to win yours right now! Hurry, contest ends May 7th. (North American entries only, please.) [THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED.]


Cross Market Ingenuity is a trademark of Nobelus. 


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