YUPO Says ‘Namaste’ with YUPO Octopus and YUPOJelly Wall Art


Yupo Corp.

Put it up. Take it down. Yupo Corporation recently shared its trendsetting flexibility with an installation of YUPO Octopus and YUPOJelly. The non-adhesive cling, synthetic-paper design components were easy to install and completely transformed a local Yoga studio into a showplace full of peaceful, removable, repositionable wall displays.

How YUPO transformed the Yoga Nook
YUPO Octopus and YUPOJelly are the perfect way to transform any space in a matter of minutes. The non-adhesive clings feature YUPO’s signature print quality and are perfect for a wide array of retail, P.O.P. and decorative displays.

Octopus, YUPO’s opaque version, holds ink with razor-sharp precision, while colors pop on YUPO’s signature white surface. YUPOJelly, with its clear, translucent base, is perfect for window and door displays, allowing your two-sided message to shine through.

Micro-suction technology – the versatility of Jelly and Octopus
Both YUPO synthetic substrates feature Yupo’s patented micro-suction technology. Tiny suction cups are formed in an adhesive-free layer on one side of the paper, making Octopus and Jelly able to grip most any flat, smooth surface. Because no adhesive is used and both include YUPO’s waterproof, tear-resistant, 100% tree-free attributes, both can be removed and reapplied with ease, creating a versatile medium that can be used over and over – perfect for seasonal retail use.

Without need for magnets, static-free YUPO Octopus and Jelly are also safe to use on most electrical surfaces, as well as glass, PVC, aluminum, coated paper and more. With grades and weights available for a variety of print methods, YUPO Octopus and Jelly offer flexibility, beauty, durability and always, exceptional print quality.

Up and Running – One-Day Installation
Printed by Chesapeake, Va. firm AG Wraps, the designs Yoga Nook requested featured iconic Yoga poses, intricate mandalas and inspirational phrases. Each piece was printed beautifully on YUPO Octopus and Jelly and installed in a little less than a day. And when those accidental smudges appear, YUPO’s waterproof capabilities give Yoga Nook staff the easy-care ability to wipe them clean with a damp cloth.

Easily repositionable and adhesive-free, YUPO Octopus is easy to install and get right every time.

Repositionable and adhesive-free, YUPO Octopus is easy to install and get right every time.


Check out how YUPO helped take a ho-hum space and turn it into an “Ohm-My” environment:


YUPO Octopus and YUPOJelly at a glance:

  • Micro-suction technology – tiny suction cups grip any flat, smooth surface
  • No magnets or static
  • Grades for various printing applications: Offset, Water-based, Low solvent, UV and Clear YUPOJelly for UV Inkjet and UV Offset
  • Waterproof, tear-resistant durability
  • Adhesive paper option – no messy residue and no shrinkage
  • Works on glass, PVC, aluminum, coated paper and more
  • Reusable! Rinse with water. Allow to dry thoroughly and use over again


YUPO Octopus and YUPOJelly are registered trademarks of Yupo Corp.






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