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What qualifies as a wide format project? Generally speaking, wide format (or large format) refers to oversize print projects designed to create an impact and attract the eye of browsing customers – think of advertisements on bus shelters, banners hovering over trade show aisles, sale poster boards set in entryways, or the windows and walls of major retail giants like Gap or Sephora.

Wide format printing is an advertising medium that has been growing in popularity as brand owners leverage the look and feel of their marketing campaigns. Wide format display graphics have become increasingly more important to the marketing mix. And as this market continues to grow, so does the desire for wide format products that fit into a brand’s need for more sustainable solutions that offer consistent, quality printing.

Enter NEENAH Wide Format, Neenah’s comprehensive new portfolio of paper-based flexible and rigid board products, engineered for high-performance for almost every large format application. Customers can now walk through a store and see a consistent brand message across all retail marketing, from the posters, to the wall murals to the end caps, and signage. Because paper prints better, it allows for details and eye-popping colors to stand out, advantages that aren’t achievable on vinyl.



The highly popular 100% paper-based conVerd Board is just one product in the Neenah Wide Format Rigid & Board Material product line. It’s a durable board, well respected in the industry for its resistance to crushing and those annoying corner dings (common in other POP and signage boards). The bright white color and smooth finish makes it an ideal solution for display signage in high-traffic areas.



Looking for a metallic effect on your next trade show banner or window signage? Neenah’s Blox-Lite Chrome, one of the products in the Neenah Wide Format Display Graphics offering, makes it easy. This 100% opaque metalized paper can be offset or screen printed to create stunning visual effects guaranteed to get noticed. Neenah’s Blox-Lite products are lay-flat, paper-based alternatives to PVC vinyl blockout products.



The complete NEENAH Wide Format portfolio offers products for almost every project:

Display Graphics: Choose from IMAGEase, Endura Satin, Blox-Lite, GreenLight II, CityLight Select, ESSE Pearlized, CLASSIC CREST, or ASTROBRIGHTS Wide Format products for applications from window signs, POP displays, posters and two-sided blackout banners to backlit displays, bus shelters and mall kiosks.

Photo/Industrial Art: For posters, photo quality prints, retractable banners and fine art prints, look at the eye-popping quality of NEENAH Photo Satin or Flexart Canvas.

Decorative Wall Décor: Printing murals, wall décor, window signs or paste applications? Choose from the non-pasted DigiScape, pre-pasted EnviroScape Mural, or pressure sensitive Endura Stick for the perfect paper-based solution for your project.

Rigid & Board: Enjoy the environmental benefits associated with using 100% paper-based rigid board for your structural signage, menu boards, framed displays, display toppers and more. The bright white, smooth surface of conVerd Board, Lustré Board and DuoBoard offers superior printability.

From signage to banners to wall murals, now designers and brand owners have the opportunity to deliver the brand’s identity across all printed materials. Neenah’s precision, custom color matching solutions ensure brand consistency whether the work is printed locally or across the country.

The new NEENAH Wide Format swatchbook features all items in the line, plus printed samples, organized by application. Easy-to-use charts offer a quick reference guide for which products are best for which printing equipment. Test rolls are available on request.

Paper prints better; it doesn’t expand and contract like vinyl and plastics so it avoids curling issues; and it’s disposable and more easily recycled, making paper-based wide format products a more viable solution for every brand’s goals.

Get a copy of the NEENAH Wide Format swatchbook from your Neenah rep or local merchant. Find a Neenah distributor here.

Ready to see what NEENAH Wide Format can do for you? Enter to win one of 25 copies of the brand new NEENAH Wide Format swatchbook right now! Hurry, contest ends Oct. 19th!



NEENAH Wide Format, conVerd Board and Blox-Lite Chrome IMAGEase, Endura Satin, Blox-Lite, GreenLight II, CityLight Select, ESSE Pearlized, CLASSIC CREST, ASTROBRIGHTS, NEENAH Photo Satin, Flexart Canvas, DigiScape, EnviroScape Mural, Endura Stick, Lustré Board and DuoBoard are registered trademarks of Neenah.






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