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So, you’re ready to dive into your next packaging project. You grab some generic paperboard and start thinking about the design and printing possibilities…but wait, you might want to first consider the item you’re holding in your hand. After all, the folding carton you choose will be the foundation that supports your creative imaginings.

For example, when Kate Stites, Brown-Forman’s senior graphic designer, recently revamped the Jack Daniel’s gift box packaging (and ultimately Brown-Forman’s entire family of brands), she chose to move away from the industry-typical solid bleached sulfate (SBS) paperboard to a premium folding board — Neenah Folding Board in Matte finish.



With about 4 seconds to connect with consumers at shelf, and 76% of those consumers making buying decisions at that moment, creative packaging matters. To see just how unique your packaging can get, you might want to check out the new Neenah Folding Board portfolio of folding carton papers.


Neenah’s newly expanded Folding Board portfolio has 58 coated and uncoated stocked items, but that’s just the tip of the creative iceberg. Neenah encourages designers to think outside the swatchbook, and think custom.

“We help actualize designers’ visions by reproducing virtually any color, any texture, in any size or weight,” says Diane Marchionna, brand manager for Neenah Folding Board. “The majority of our customers have unique brand needs. For example, all the products we manufacture for Jack Daniel’s are custom dyed-through paperboard, and sold exclusively to the brand.”


The award-winning Elizabeth Arden Taylor Swift Incredible Things box is another example of a custom solution. ROYAL SUNDANCE Felt Papers were used to create a folding carton with high-level texture and high-performance on press for all the printing processes planned for the package; offset seven colors, foil-stamped and embossed.

It’s said that brand recognition increases up to 80% with consistent use of color. As we see the resilience of print, both in ads and in direct mail, it strongly suggests the importance of cross-platform marketing for today’s brands. From boxes to hang tags, labels and gift cards, Neenah provides samples for custom colors and textures, ensuring accuracy across all platforms.

The new Neenah Folding Board swatchbook showcases the wide range of colors and rich, luxurious finishes designed to elevate any brand. A few highlights guaranteed to draw attention:


Beautiful new iridescent colors



Strikingly realistic metal colors and finishes including NEW GOLD and STEEL in Brush finish.



The new Croco finish is a must see.


Explore the Neenah Folding Board portfolio and see just how far your packaging ideas can go.



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