Springhill Pastels Have Gone to the Dogs…& Camels & Bears

Spotlight: International Paper
Let’s face it, smiles have been in short supply lately. Which is why the new Springhill swatchbook from International Paper is such a breath of fresh air. Not only is it extremely good at helping you find just the right color Springhill sheet but – and let’s get this out of the way right up front – it’s brimming with smiling animal illustrations that are bound to make you smile, too.

If you’ve been in this business for any length of time, you probably know this paper line, which includes Springhill Colors, Covers, and Bristols. All come in a variety of eye-pleasing hues, which this swatchbook delights in calling “Pastels with Personality.” But don’t take their word for it – simply flip through the new swatchbook for yourself.

When you do, you’ll be greeted by large illustrations of friendly animal heads against different pastel backgrounds. On the pages opposite are crucial specs for a given paper line, including colors, sizes and finishes. And a waterfall of 16 samples are conveniently collected at the back of this spiral-bound volume.

The animal faces are printed on a wide variety of paper weights and colors, giving you a pretty good idea of each sheet’s versatility. (Springhill papers are available in Text and matching Cover weights, along with heavyweights like Tag, Index and Vellum Bristol Cover.)

It should be said at this point that some fun was had with the name plaques that appear beneath each critter, too. How can you not love an ostrich called “Doris Dontfly” who rejoices in the title “Sandcastle Consultant”?

Naturally this isn’t all just about fun and games. The swatchbook does an excellent job of stoking your creative inspiration, spurring you to envision tent cards that pop and postcards that practically leap out of recipients’ mailboxes thanks to these “Pastels with Personality.” And of course color isn’t just “pretty,” it’s a proven influencer, affecting the decision-making process by as much as 90%, according to research by the University of Winnipeg.

Ready to see for yourself what a difference the right colors and papers can make? Enter to win one of 20 Springhill swatchbooks right now! [THIS CONTEST HAS ENDED]


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