Webinar Express: 5 Essential Tips for Developing a Brand

At PaperSpecs we go out of our way to make sure that our free webinars are packed with information you can use to make your own work the best it can be. But we also realize that you don’t always have an hour to invest in a webinar, which is why we’re introducing Webinar Express: a short “best of” video featuring not-to-be-missed highlights from our latest informative presentations.

Kicking it off are the top 5 takeaways from our popular webinar on cross-media design: À La Carte – Cohesive Brands Across All Media, featuring Christopher Simmons of MINE. Discover the 5 key ingredients you need to tackle an effective branding project today.


Check out a recording of the complete webinar here.



Sure you’ve seen the iconic Roostertail chicken portrait, but how exactly was it made? MINE’s Christopher Simmons takes you behind the scenes of the chicken photo shoot, reveals the secret behind the accompanying wheelbarrow image, all without ruffling a single feather.





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