The Print Handbook

print_handbook_125Designer Andy Brown’s “The Print Handbook” is a mighty-mite of a publication, beautifully illustrating in 28 pages (plus 8-page cover) pretty much everything you need to know to ensure that the design on your screen makes it to the printed page as intended. And its 3rd edition is the best yet, based in part on the Fedrigoni paper it’s printed on.

As Brown told UnderConsideration:

The matte was smoother, the gloss more glossy, and the uncoated had such a great texture.”

Boss Print’s use of a stochastic screen was another great improvement, as “all the colors on the color chart look like spot colors. That was a massive step up in terms of quality.”

“The Print Handbook” isn’t just a handy guide to doing things right, it’s a minor masterpiece of print design itself. And at $12 give or take, it might even make a good stocking stuffer this year šŸ˜‰



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