Chromolux and Beyond: The Art of Cutting-edge Papermaking


Spotlight: Zanders Papers

Don’t let the quaint, ivy-covered face of the Zanders paper mill fool you. This 189-year-old company is on the cutting edge when it comes to crafting unrivaled sheets for digital – and now inkjet – printing, as well as all those papers you’ve come to rely on for more traditional types of printing. Though it boasts a range that encompasses high-quality specialty papers and boards such as Chromolux; as well as Zanlabel and Zanpack developed especially for labels, packaging and graphical applications; Zanders insists on using only raw materials from sustainably cultivated forestry operations, ensuring your work is as environmentally sound as it is dazzling.

Chromolux: The Original Super Smooth, High-gloss Sheet
There aren’t many paper-line names that have become shorthand in the industry for a particular type of sheet. Yet 60 years after its launch, “Chromolux” is synonymous with cast-coated, high-gloss finished premium papers and boards. And it’s still produced on the same chrome cylinders of the cast-coating machines at the Zanders paper mill in Bergisch Gladbach, Germany after all this time. Its unique, ultra-smooth, self-contained surface does not show the slightest unevenness. This makes Chromolux ideal for an entire range of refinements: from blind and relief embossing, hot- and cold-foil embossing, foil lamination, varnishing and die cutting, to unusual finishing techniques such as metallization, glitter lacquering, Iriodin effects, flock printing and laser punching.

Zanlabel and Zanpack – Sensual Appeal
The haptic experience – appealing to the consumer’s sense of touch – is more important today in our digitally-saturated world than it’s ever been before. A cool design might get your packaging noticed, but our clients are increasingly aware that it’s the feel of the piece that’s most likely to make a sale. And this is where Zanlabel and Zanpack truly shine.

Zanlabel gloss, as well as Zanpack silk and Zanpack silk2, feature an exceptionally smooth surface and matte silk touch. Zanders’ decades-long experience in coating technologies has been incorporated into the development of these grades. Zanlabel touch and Zanpack touch give a grainier, more natural look and feel ensuring an authentic appearance, especially for the packaging of hand-made, traditional or eco-friendly goods. (In fact, one perfume packaging sample printed on Zanpack touch was recently voted one of the “200 Best Packaging Design worldwide 2017/2018.” The folding box with its eye-catching material design has made it into the popular book series “200 Best” by Lürzer’s Archive.)

Zanders Digital – Same High-quality, Added Flexibility
After nearly 200 years in the business, Zanders has learned how to stay one step ahead of industry trends, providing just the right papers for the most cutting-edge printing methods. And today that means offering their premium brands specially developed for digital presses. These include:

  • Chromolux digital
  • Silver digital
  • Zanpack silk digital.

Their latest addition? Zanjet: a coated inkjet paper available in a Gloss and Silk finish. Designed in cooperation with HP for use on the HP PageWide Web Presses, Zanjet meets strict ColorPRO Technology standards to offer optimized print performance, delivering superior quality and outstanding picture reproduction with maximum densities and pin-sharp detail at full press speeds. It’s ideally suited for full-color brochures, direct-mail campaigns, transpromotional materials, softcovers and books.

‘Art Zanders 80’ Portfolio
What happens when you reproduce the art works of six world-renowned artists on some of the finest papers in the world? You get the “Art Zanders 80” archival portfolio – a collector’s treasury that you can’t help but return to again and again for creative inspiration. This piece is packed with intriguing artworks and biographies of the artists, while also demonstrating why this paper company is known the world over by their no-nonsense slogan “Zanders, the papermakers.”

Eager to add “Art Zanders 80” to your art book collection? Enter to win one of 12 copies right now! Hurry, this contest ends March 1st! (North American entries only, please.)



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