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Yes, Neenah Paper and Neenah Packaging customers are savvy, experienced, and accustomed to getting a lot from Neenah. But with the company’s recent acquisition of FiberMark, they can now expect to get So Much More.

With the extensive variety of capabilities Neenah now possesses, it provides numerous options in colors and textures to support the trends that are creating market demands, and that suppliers are reacting to. Here Neenah shares a few of the current trends and insights into the world of beverage packaging.


A German brewer started San Francisco’s Anchor Brewing during the California gold rush.


Craft Brewing
We all know that craft beers are hot, but did you know how hot? According to a Craft Brewing Business report in December 2014, craft brewers are the growth point in the overall beer industry. And with a 29%-38% increase in households buying craft beers, breweries are looking for ways to expand.


Flying Dog is a Maryland brewery that views brewing beer as an art form.


For designers this is an interesting opportunity to find creative ways to differentiate these beers at shelf. Neenah Label textures like the new Burlap and Martele are perfect for conveying what authentic artisans these DIY brewers are.




Pendleton Whisky was specifically created to celebrate the bold spirit of independence and hard-work ethic of the American cowboy and cowgirl.


The interest in craft spirits among today’s connoisseurs is rapidly increasing, exhibited by the 50% annual growth rate reported by the American Distilling Institute. With vodka and whiskey making up almost 70% of the volume being produced, high-profile, established brands like Maker’s Mark are having to share increasingly crowded shelf space with newer players like Oregon’s Pendleton Whisky, looking to its packaging to grab the customer’s eye.


Green Hat Gin: Bootlegger George Cassidy was instrumental in setting the nation on the path to repeal.


According to the American Distilling Institute, gin is a spirit poised for growth. And as spirits look to flashy celebrity endorsements, or zero in on female shoppers with brands like Skinny Girl and Middle Sister, there is more opportunity to create unique packaging that appeals to large but targeted audiences. Neenah ESTATE LABEL new 95 bright Titanium White and deep rich Black labels provide new ways to create that first glance wow factor.


Jack Daniels has a longstanding image that has made it the most famous whiskey in the U.S., and the highest selling American whiskey in the world.


Gift Sets
Ahhh, that unboxing moment. When it comes to collector’s items and gift sets, the power is in the packaging, and the spirits industry is taking notice — and taking a cue from the world of beauty packaging. As spirits gift sets are becoming more popular, we see the packaging becoming more creative, which, in turn, spike sales. Neenah’s expansive Neenah Folding Board and Box Wrap portfolios offer a solution for all types of creative applications.

Studies continually show that products don’t have much time to make that first impression; people recall 10% of what they hear, 20% of what they read, and 80% of what they see.

Neenah Packaging offers everything a designer needs to create a unique brand identity, and continue that identity across all facets of the brand. From business cards, stationery and envelopes, to box wrap, folding board and labels, Neenah has a solution for every type of print application. And with the addition of FiberMark, Neenah now offers so much more.
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