5 Reasons to Use Print in a Digital World

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The next time you only have a moment to sell a client on the many benefits of using print, tell them this: When you want to be taken seriously, print’s the only game in town. After all, when you invest the money and skill necessary to commit your message to paper, it demonstrates to your audience just how strongly you believe in it. And when you use a premium recycled paper, it also shows them just how seriously you take not only the protection of our environment, but their concerns for that environment, too. Here, then, are 5 more reasons to use print:

1. Print is all About the Feels

As smartphones and streaming services continue to keep people in the digital world for longer periods of time, the craving to actually settle down with a well-designed book, magazine or catalog away from the constant distractions of the online world also grows. The tactile qualities of print, in particular, have an even greater impact than they did before.

Think how much more of an impact that outdoor-goods catalog you’re designing could have on its target audience if you used a bulkier, 100% recycled sheet like Rolland Enviro Print that reminds them of the sturdiness of the natural world they love so much. At the same time, the paper’s smooth finish and 92% brightness ensures that your work will look and feel fantastic.

Rolland's 1882 magazine - PaperSpecs

2. Print Legitimizes Your Digital Message

Clients who have grown up with the web are particularly awed by print, says Rich Pauptit, president of Toronto printer Flash Reproductions. While they invest heavily in digital products, he sees many companies carving out a place in their budgets for high-impact print materials as well. In their minds marketing isn’t a “print or digital” exercise, but finding the synergy between the two, he explains. “Print seems to legitimize their marketing or corporate messages. These signature print pieces are about communicating stature, while the web is about communicating information.”

Rolland's 1882 magazine - PaperSpecs

3. Millennials Prefer Print

It turns out that Millennials around the world choose print over laptops, smartphones and other digital media when it comes to serious reading, according to at least one survey. In this case, the physical, tactile and even olfactory qualities of books were cited as being part of print’s strong appeal. And there was another, larger one: Respondents said they could concentrate best when reading information on paper. This becomes even more important when we consider the type of material that printers produce most: direct mail.

Rolland's 1882 magazine - PaperSpecs

4. The Mailbox Dominates Digital

Though overall use of direct mail has decreased in recent years, its share of mail overall had actually increased as of 2016, the last year for which statistics were available from the DMA (Data & Marketing Association) prior to its acquisition by the ANA (Association of National Advertisers) in 2018.

As a result, postcards, catalogs and other marketing materials capture more attention in the consumer’s mailbox today. Hardly surprising, then, that direct mail enjoyed an average response rate of 9% for house lists and 4.9% for prospect lists in 2018. Compare that to email, social and paid search, which yielded about 1%. Print doesn’t just feel more substantial, it pays.

5. Using Eco-Friendly Paper Gives You the Edge

In today’s super-competitive market, your clients need to find their advantages anywhere they can. Increasingly that means appealing to consumers by demonstrating a commitment to sustainability. In a 2018 survey of nearly 30,000 people around the world, more than 60% made it clear that they are attracted to businesses committed to protecting the environment.

This means that one of the most powerful design elements you can use when you design a company’s next annual report, brochure or invitation isn’t any one typeface or image, but that tiny recycled logo similar to the one you’ll find on each and every package of Rolland paper.

Rolland's 1882 magazine - PaperSpecs

PCW, Water Savings and…Biogas?

But 100% recycled content is only the beginning with Rolland papers; they also use one of the most sustainable production processes in the history of papermaking. It’s fueled by biogas energy – literally gas produced from the decomposition of waste in a landfill – while closed-loop water and hydrogen peroxide bleaching processes save on water use and further protect the environment. And it goes without saying that every ream carries a list of certifications as long as your arm, from FSC to Ancient Forest Friendly. To give you some idea of what this all means, when a printer uses a ton of Rolland Enviro Print rather than virgin paper, for example, they save 24 trees, 1,773 gallons of water and 3,402 lbs. in greenhouse gas emissions!

Experience the Power of Eco-Friendly Rolland Paper For Yourself

Of course all of this would be for naught if Rolland papers didn’t print beautifully. Whether you use one of its offerings for traditional printing needs (offset, letterpress, etc.) or digital (with different papers for both toner and inkjet presses available), you will ensure that your clients look good – and environmentally responsible – every time.


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