A Year-Round Calendar of Color & Texture ‘Printspiration’

Neenah Classic 2020 Calendar - PaperSpecs

Spotlight: Neenah

Remember the last time you discovered a trick or technique in InDesign or Photoshop and instantly saw a whole new realm of design possibilities open up for you? That’s the same feeling you’ll experience the moment you explore Neenah’s “Make 2020 a CLASSIC Year” calendar. That’s because each of the 12 cards inside – one for each month – gives you an intriguing taste of how stunning your own work can be when you inject more color and texture into each and every piece. Once you see these surprising color/texture combinations, you’ll wonder how you will ever face another standard white sheet again. 

Neenah Classic 2020 Calendar - PaperSpecs

Color is Great. Color & Texture? Astounding.

Sure, many already know that if you want to make photography come alive you can use a sheet like Neenah CLASSIC CREST Bare White, or quicken the pulse of your audience with Imperial Red. (For an excellent example of the latter in this calendar, take a peek at “February” – digitally printed with 3 clicks of Opaque White over CMYK.) But as this promotion demonstrates so well, color is only the beginning.   

Neenah Classic 2020 Calendar - PaperSpecs

Take “July,” which features red engraving on CLASSIC Techweave in a calming Cobalt blue. Techweave itself is a charmingly intriguing paradox: though crafted to be a texture representative of technology – perfect for software and consumer electronics clients – its signature feel is something you can only experience in the non-digital world. 

Neenah Classic 2020 Calendar - PaperSpecs

Elegant Finishes

When you want to convey a sense of class and refinement, be it with business cards or a wedding invitation, reach for Neenah CLASSIC Linen in White Pearl (“May” in the calendar). Not only is that feel of fine linen eminently touchable, that sensual pearlized finish also gives your inks a shimmering metallic look, making your photographs more vivid and eye-catching.  

Neenah Classic 2020 Calendar - PaperSpecs

Here’s a Tip: Tip-Ons!

If the intense, fingertip-pleasing colors and textures in this calendar have left you feeling more ambitious when it comes to your choice of paper, it’s time to jump to the very end of this 2020 calendar for something truly special. Yep, we’re talking tip-ons and “December” instantly shows you why.  

Neenah Classic 2020 Calendar - PaperSpecs

Gluing an embellishment to your base paper is an effective way of calling attention to a special piece of information, or as an accent to your design. Use a different paper for your tip-on (in this case CLASSIC Linen Red Pepper), or even an extra printing or finishing technique that contrasts sharply with your base sheet. There’s no resisting this delightful combination of color and texture. 

Ready to explore a whole year’s worth of CLASSIC creative inspiration? Enter to win one of 30 Neenah “Make 2020 a CLASSIC Year” calendars right now! Hurry, this contest ends March 19th. (North American entries only, please.)  [THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED]



CLASSIC CREST, CLASSIC Techweave and CLASSIC Linen are all registered trademarks of Neenah. 


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