M.I.N.G.O: And Service is their Name-o

Mingo Press

There’s nothing in the world more disheartening than creating a beautiful piece of mail, only to see your artistry ruined by blasphemously “blah” paper or printing. Wanna know a secret? It doesn’t have to be that way. Fear not – Mingo’s here to help!


There’s a lot that goes into creating awesome print jobs. But the most powerful tool in your designer belt can’t be found in a program…it’s on the other end of the phone line.


That’s right! Your checklist for great printing? It’s as simple as M.I.N.G.O:

  • Mail that sparkles. Printed with precision and care, just the way you like it.
  • An Interpersonal connection. We don’t believe in robots. (Well, unless it’s in a sci-fi movie. In which case, sign us up.) You’ll get a real person any time you call Mingo. And by any time, we mean every time
  • A “No-man.” Everyone at Mingo looooves saying no. “No minimum orders. No rush fees. No problemo, buddy.”
  • Great quality. We think this one speaks for itself. But if you need a little reassurance, here it is: We use only the finest G7 printing processes. Which means our jobs come out with pristine colormetry and grayscale matching, basically perfect CMYK mastering, and spot-on lithography. Pretty sweet, huh?
  • Out of the box customer service. Whether you’re the bang-out-an-email type or prefer to gab it up on the phone, we’ll be much obliged to handle your printing needs any way you like. Drop a line to our friendly neighborhood customer service gurus, Team Picasso, who will be happy to offer insight, guidance, and moral support for any moments of panic.


And to prove that last one, we’d like to show you just how much your business means to us. Get in touch with Christa, Rachel, or Christy on Team Picasso for a hot deal on printing!


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