Stickers Make Good Neighbors

Pumpipumpe stickersIf you think modern society has become a wee bit self-centered (and if you don’t, do please tell us where you live), you might be interested in a little experiment designed to bring communities closer together…using stickers.

Pumpipumpe – a project in Switzerland originally created to let cyclists know who in their neighborhood would be willing to lend them a bike pump – now provides people in that country and Germany with dozens of free stickers to place on their mailboxes indicating what items they’re willing to lend their neighbors.

Pumpipumpe stickers


There are stickers for practically anything you can think of: ladders, drills, bikes, scales, rice cookers, tents, telescopes…The goal is to get people to put down their smartphones and actually interact with their neighbors again.

Want to give it a try in your own neighborhood? For a 4 Euro fee (about $5.25) to cover postage, you can order your own set of stickers here. (You might need to use Google Translate to understand the instructions.)

Pumpipumpe stickers



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