Cool Design: Mindless Violence Coloring Book

mindless violence coloring book2

The progress of a fad runs a little something like this: inspiration, adoration, imitation, detestation. Thus the recent explosion in popularity of coloring books aimed at adults has already run its course, inspiring at least one cri de crayon: “The Mindless Violence” coloring book. 

mindless violence coloring book

While the design and artwork might not be anything particularly arresting, the rationale behind the book itself is a clever take on the “therapeutic” purpose adult coloring books are supposed to serve.

mindless violence coloring book

The reason that the coloring book you picked up at the grocery store checkout hasn’t relieved your stress is probably because uncolored patterns aren’t what’s stressing you out in the first place. “The Mindless Violence” coloring book takes a much more direct approach to your stressors.

mindless violence coloring book

Forget about coloring for coloring’s sake – sometimes to really unwind you simply need to color in a scene in which a fool is waylaid on a bridge. (At least you’re not smoking.)

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