‘God Made a Designer’ Contest


Inspired by the Dodge Ram “God Made a Farmer” commercial that ran during the recent Super Bowl, Dallas print shop The Odee Co. unleashed a paean to the humble press pro: “God Made a Printer.”

Naturally PaperSpecs seconds the sentiment. After all, where would we be without those humble print professionals who go the extra mile to break boundaries and help us to discover even better ways to make our designs come to life?

Yet, we also naturally felt that somebody has been left out of this heartwarming appreciation. Who? Well, the designers, of course 😉

The contest

To that end, we would like to challenge you all to come up with your own litany for “God Made a Designer.” Simply get inspired, have a think, and send us about 100 words or so written in a similar style to “God Made a Printer” by midnight March 26th. If you’re feeling truly inspired, feel free to shoot a short video with it, too.

We’ll post your entries here and on our Facebook page, and let your peers vote for the two that are both the cleverest and the most accurate. That pair will each receive the 2013 Typography Calendar designed by Studio Hinrichs!


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