First Entry in God Made a Designer Contest

A tip of the PaperSpecs cap to David Brier for his submission in our “God Made a Designer Contest.” Lookin’ good 🙂

And hey, there’s  still time for you to get your own entry in: deadline is midnight March 26th. Also, as much as we do enjoy the extra effort that goes into making a video, it’s the wording that counts. If you’re more comfortable sending us 100 words or less using “God Made a Designer” as a theme, we’d love to read it.

Don’t forget, the two entries that receive the most votes from March 27th to the 30th will receive the 2013 typography calendar from Studio Hinrichs!

Now, back to David’s entry

For those following along at home, here is the script for his video:

And on the 9th day,

God looked down on this blank canvas of life and said, “We need a way to be reminded of the finer things.” 

So, God made a designer.

God said, “I need somebody to get up before dawn and obsess over fonts and work all day over details, look at art, culture and design inspirations from different industries, scarf down some leftover Chinese food and then work well past midnight after having delivered a seminar at the nearby college entitled, “Why there’s nothing funny about using Comic Sans on your next project.” 

So, God made a designer.

God said, “I need somebody with big ideas. Big enough to overcome a committee, strong enough to defy the status quo, yet clever enough to get the CEO to lighten up, laugh a little and remember that it’s the customer who needs to be understood, and only then will the customer understand the company. Somebody to impress clients, tame social media fanatics and plow through endless revisions and still come back the next morning looking for more.” 

So, God made a designer.

God said, “I need somebody that can:

    • turn a blank page into a compelling message that makes viewers stop in their tracks, 
    • innovate a new brand that consumers just HAVE to have, or
    • design a building that makes the inhabitants glad to be there. 

“Someone, who, during crunch time, will finish a 40-hour week by Thursday — and still put in another 25 hours living only on energy drinks.” 

So, God made a designer.

Somebody who realizes it’s people who make life worth living and it’s artists that raise that bar even higher advancing the culture forward. And when culture does take a step forward, is rewarded when someone utters those few cherished words that make it all worthwhile, “You made life better by being here.” 

So, God made a designer.


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