Cool Packaging: Mr. Black Liqueur Label

mr black liqueur label design

Sometimes it seems like the workaday designer doesn’t labor under a glass ceiling so much as a gold foil one. How else to describe those feelings of envy and inadequacy that wash over you in the doldrums of a hot Wednesday afternoon when you glance at your own design work, then at something as sumptuous as this labeling for Mr. Black Panama Geisha coffee liqueur designed by Australia’s Co Partnership? “Look at those red accents,” you mutter to yourself after two hours spent tweaking that logo you’ve been working on yet again. “Lucky sods.”

mr black liqueur label design

The first thing you need to know: this liqueur is made with Panama Geisha, the world’s most expensive coffee beans. Only 289 bottles are being produced with a retail price of $185 each. (If that money’s burning a hole in your pocket, you have until Aug. 12th to enter to win the opportunity to buy yourself a bottle.) With that kind of luxury, you can bet they went all out for the packaging on this beauty.

mr black liqueur label design

In addition to luxurious paper stocks and ample gold foil (inspired by cigar band design – a nod to Panama’s cigar culture), the intricate foil-stamped neck label peeks out from beneath a dollop of black wax. And because you can never be too fancy when it comes to designing such a high-end product, they screen printed a spectacled Panamanian owl on the bottle itself, revealed only after you’ve enjoyed sufficient quantities of the rare elixir inside.

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mr black liqueur label design


mr black liqueur label design



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