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bloom creative business card

We have a friend who’s been having a devil of a time lately trying to work out what her new business cards should look like, a problem we lay squarely at the feet of companies such as Vancouver’s Jukebox Print. She’s on her second sample pack from them and is slowly coming to realize that if she can envision it, chances are it can be printed. (Hello choice paralysis.) And after seeing this whimsical business card Jukebox crafted for Bloom Creative, we can’t help but sympathize. Before we dig into the details, take a moment to drink this one in.

bloom creative business card

We feel like some kind of paper sommelier even as we say this, but what you’ve been drinking, er, seeing is a 3-ply, letterpress-printed business card. (Just look at the level of emboss on the company name!) It also features no fewer than 9 colors. And if that’s not enough, there’s white foil stamping added for good measure. On the back, several different color paper stocks are used to convey the usual contact details on a very unusual business card!

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