Excerpt: I Used to be a Design Student

iused2b_2While “I Used to be a Design Student” might sound like one of those “keep yer’ chin up there littler feller” books for aspiring designers, it has something to offer pretty much any designer working today. Compiled by Brighten the Corners principals Billy Kiosoglou and Frank Philippin, this volume features advice and early projects from a variety of successful designers from around the world.

More importantly, it asks them to compare their design school days with their lives now, in the process demonstrating just how much their approaches to the “biz” have changed, and how much has remained the same.



However, as witnessed in the following excerpts, perhaps the most fun comes in their reflections on such simple-yet-compelling topics as when they get up in the morning, and just what on earth they would’ve done if this whole design career hadn’t worked out. Enjoy.

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bk_iused2bI Used to Be a Design Student:
50 Graphic Designers Then and Now
Billy Kiosoglou and Frank Philippin

Publisher: Laurence King Publishers (Feb. 2013) ISBN-10: 185669898X
256 page
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Frank Philippin and Billy Kiosoglou met while studying graphic design and set up Brighten the Corners after graduating from the Royal College of Art, London, in 1999. They now have studios in London and Stuttgart. Frank is Professor of Graphic Design at Darmstadt University.


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