PaperSpecs Unboxing: Druckerei Eisenhardt


Welcome to our first PaperSpecs Unboxing event! When we contacted the producers of that amazing sculptured-emboss horse head business cardDruckerei Eisenhardt, we never dreamed that they would not only send us one of our very own to keep and admire, but that they would also send us a whole package of exquisite pieces to ooh and ahh over. The moment it arrived, Sabine knew that opening this was something that she really wanted to share with all PaperSpecs readers everywhere.

PRO members: You can find everything you need to know to get that sculptured emboss effect right here. We will also be bringing you an in-depth look at how you can apply many of the same techniques found in the video below to your own designs soon, so keep watching our weekly PRO Tips! (Not a member? Why not start your PRO membership today?)


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