The Story of Pop Chart Lab

pop_125We’ve been tremendous fans of the many and varied infographic posters that have been coming out of Pop Chart Lab. Where most designers’ flights of fancy begin and end with creating fun-but-ephemeral digital graphics, Ben Gibson and Patrick Mulligan have steadfastly made their creations available on paper to all, and all for reasonable prices.

All of which is why we were so pleased to see a detailed feature story on them over at FastCoDesign. As they put it:

Since launching four years ago, the company’s founders quickly parlayed their knack for fun, punchy, eminently shareable graphics into a full-fledged store that has increased revenue 50% year over year. Their formula for success: Pair good design with an editorial sense of what people want to click on.

Clicking on over to the story is worth it for the behind-the-scenes pictures alone.




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