This Booklet Could Save Your Life

You’ve been hiking for hours in a thick wood. You’re lost, you’re cold, and you have a headache that shows no signs of going away. Fortunately, you had the foresight to bring along the right paper.

More specifically, you packed “The Traveler’s Paper Kit,” a lightweight, fold-out booklet that contains several items that can prove intensely useful should you find yourself lost and in distress – all of which you fold directly from the paper of the kit itself.

Those vital tools include: a compass, a cup, matchsticks, a spoon, a finger-pressure tool that helps alleviate pain via pressure-point techniques, a position marker, and a reflective SOS signaler. Best of all, the all-in-one booklet folds up small enough to fit comfortably in your back pocket.

The kit – developed by Korean designers Jongwon Baek, Jaeyong Lee, Seonju Ryu, Sooji Park and Yeonjung Lee – was a winner of Germany’s 2012 Red Dot design awards for Life Science. Now if only they could do something about your appalling sense of direction.


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