Glorious GBOX Identity

GBOX identityWe appreciate exquisite. We’ve acquired a taste for subtle. But every now and then it’s nice to let our hair down and experience a collection of identity materials that feel like an explosion in an idea factory. Branding firm Bratus – based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – went wild with their materials for that city’s design firm GBOX Studios.

Taking the company’s hexagon brand mark as inspiration (and Pantone Yellow 7405 PC), they developed a wide number of materials, from envelopes and stationery to postcards, business cards and DVD mailers. Three quick standouts:

DVD mailer: This piece uses a special origami fold to present the DVD in an upright position when opened.

GBOX DVD mailer

Business Card 1: A gold-foil stamped rectangle that slides in and out of a yellow holder, featuring a hexagonal die-cut window that forces you to focus on the name and contact details presented through it.

GBOX business card 1GBOX business card 1, figure 2

Business Card 2: Their crowning achievement, really. This comes in two parts as well: a hexagonal, origami folded piece with the logo embossed on one side. When you squeeze it open a second hexagonal card is nestled inside.

GBOX origami business cardGBOX origami card open

Aside from the paper engineering aspects of all this is the fact that no matter what piece you handle, you know what company it came from, even if you don’t see their name printed on it.  A+


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