3 Pieces of Paper Whimsy

Memo truckWe never tire of seeing what artists and small companies manage to create for our enjoyment out of paper, be it out-of-left-field stationery, unusual gift wrap or stylish page markers. Here are three offerings that put a smile on our faces (and might soon put a dent in our wallets).

Sticky Page Markers

Duncan Shotton in Tokyo is currently Kickstarting 10 different sets of whimsical Post-it like page markers, with each set devoted to a particular theme, including Mars, Desert, Tokyo and London. The Mars pack features little martians and red rocks; the Tokyo pack office buildings, temples and Godzilla – you get the picture.

“Use these paper post-its to bookmark pages containing important or lovely quotes, photos and sections of books, catalogs and documents, and create a miniature landscape as you go!”

Page markers

Animal Gift Wrap

Luckies of London offers a gift wrap set featuring paper and stickers that allow you to transform your gifts into any of 24 different animal combinations, including tigers, penguins and polar bears. After receiving something like this, who would have the heart to unwrap it?

Animal wrapping paper

Memo Pad Trucks

These, unfortunately, are not easily acquired consumer items but gifts given to customers of Heret Printing in Israel for Jewish New Year. With the help of an HP Indigo 30000 digital press, Heret printed thousands of these beauties, each with a different truck design. Hot foil, embossing and selective UV completed the charming effect.

Heret Printing memo truck



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