Moo's SXSW Business Cards

moo_125Funky-business-card maker‘s like that perpetually misunderstood cousin you only see over the holidays. Sure, no one knows what they’re going on about half the time, but they’re really, really good at art, and every now and then they manage to say something brilliant.

Moo’s latest flash of brilliance is their game plan for next month’s South by Southwest (SXSW) festival. Exactly! You don’t even know what that plan is but already you see what a great fit it could be – what better place to have business cards than at an event where movie deals are brokered and media networking is in full swing? But on to the details…

Moo is partnering with TaskRabbit (Edwardian servants without the room and board) to have card orders of $30 or more hand-delivered to clients wherever they’d like in the Austin area during the festival. Just place your order online, select the day you’d like to receive your cards, and coordinate with your personal “TaskRabbit” to arrange a delivery place and time.

Those placing $30+ orders will also receive a “SXSW Survive” kit that includes:

  • 10 emergency business cards
  • $30 off one ride from UBER
  • Austin Java gift card for a free specialty coffee
  • Hello breath spray
  • “Conversation-starting” Moo MiniCards and stickers.

And there’s no reason this couldn’t be fitted to any event, anywhere in the country. Congrats, Moo, on a very good idea indeed. 




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