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Packaging has become more than a fancy way to keep products safe from the knocks and stumbles of life. In the right hands, it can be a work of art, pure and simple. This week, we discover that pasta is all about the presentation, bath products can be the height of decadence, and that pizza and a movie go together deliciously. Wrap it up, we’ll take it! (Previous Cool Designs of the Week can be found yonder.)

Perfect Alchemy Pasta Packaging

Traditionally we’ve never been too bothered about pasta before it hits our plate, but Giotto Creative Studio‘s packaging for Perfect Alchemy’s noodles is as delicious as any pasta recipe we’ve experienced. The Dieline whets our appetite this way:

“Yes, this is pasta, but it is presented in a more esteemed way, using delicate tissue paper to protect the food and having gift box-like packaging. Additionally, the colors used are matte and glossy black with white text and gunmetal accents, which add an air of mystery and class.”

perfect alchemy packagingperfect alchemy packaging


Bath Product Packaging

Let’s take the sting out of the tail right at the beginning: this is a student project. More specifically, it’s packaging for a luxury brand of bath products called Akheloios (that may or may not exist – Google’s pretty coy on the subject). But forget about the lotions ‘n potions, get a load of these beautiful gold-foil boxes – unbelievable!

bath product packagingbath product packaging


Pizza Hut Movie Projector Packaging

The pizza company best known for stuffing high-caloric foodstuffs into other high-caloric foodstuffs has rubbed off on Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong. They just went and stuffed movies into Pizza Hut pizza boxes. Or to be more accurate, they came up with four concept boxes that come with a camera lens and a perforated lens holder in the side of the box. Simply attach the lens, access the appropriate app on your smartphone, and place said phone in the box behind the lens. Presto – an old fashioned movie projector!

pizza hut projector packaging


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