The Secret Life of Paperboard Webinar

April 19, 2011: that’s the day guest speaker Stuart Slater will reveal paperboard’s untold Cinderella story in PaperSpecs’ free Webinar “The Secret Life of Paperboard.”

Stuart_slaterAlong with samples of paperboard success stories, Slater will answer some of your most frequently asked questions such as:

– When does paperboard’s lightweight construction save money?
– What’s the difference between caliper and weight?
– Will the press be able to run paperboard with quality results?
– Can paperboard be foil stamped, embossed and coated?
– Are there environmentally sustainable paperboard options?
– Why should you care about paperboard?

You don’t want to miss “The Secret Life of Paperboard.” This webinar is free thanks to the generous support of Kallima Paper. Space is limited, so reserve your seat today for this special event at


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