Oscar, Get a Load of that Envelope!

gmundoscarNever mind who wore what, who won what, or who was robbed at the Oscar’s on Sunday – what did you think of the award envelopes?

Each of those 24 gold envelopes were handmade by Gmund Paper, a family owned mill in the Bavarian Alps. (The company was quick to point out that actor Christoph Waltz, nominated this year for his role in Quentin Tarantino’s “Django Unchained,” also hails from the Alpine region.) But enough about Hollywood’s soiree of self-congratulation…we want to hear about the envelope.

“The paper has a marvelously shimmery gold color,” says Academy Awards Designer Marc Friedland. “It looks glamorous and extraordinarily elegant. Touching its surface is a delightful experience. The texture is enthralling and enchanting.”

Beat that, Christoph!


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