Stylish Paper Bags: Wash, Iron, Dazzle

bag_125We’re the first to tout the magical properties of paper: its ability to entice, seduce, and compel us to hand over small fortunes to Amazon in book form. But we can’t quite get over the fact that one company is marketing a line of snazzy bags fashioned from the stuff. Called Uashmama (pronounced “Washmama”), the satchels come in a variety of styles: handbags, carry-alls and pouches. And all are fashioned from “material [that] comes from the paper world”. Prices range from $20 to $112.

Best of all, according to their maker – four Tuscan sisters operating under the company name Le Sorelle (Italian for “Sisters”) – the bags look like leather but are durable enough to be washed, ironed and folded flat.


So that’s today’s takeaway: paper can do pretty much anything…and stylishly, too.



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