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fingerprint business cardThough business cards are primarily used to make a “professional” impression, they can also playfully express who we are as individuals. This week, we tackle two pop culture mainstays, get our fingerprints all over everything, and put more thought into one card than any would’ve thought possible. (You can check out previous Cool Cards of the Week right here.)

Twin Peaks/2001: A Space Odyssey Business Card

With recent news that Showtime is thinking of reviving “Twin Peaks” without co-creator David Lynch (and the resulting fun backlash from series stars), this card seemed timely as well as eye catching. Explains designer Jez Owen:

“…[This is a ] combination of the ‘Red Room’ set from ‘Twin Peaks’ and the Monolith from ‘2001.’ The front design included a URL to drive recipients to a special blog on the inspiration behind the work to display my writing skills while the reverse side displayed my contact details and instructions on how to convert the card.”

twin peaks/2001 business card

Birch Wood Business Card

A memorable business card doesn’t always have to be made of paper, of course, as this one for Giorgio Parise proves nicely. He used laser cutting and laser engraving to create a truly one-of-a-kind card out of birch wood. While using his own digital whirls and loops would truly put this over the top, the description says it “mimics fingerprints.” Still, excellent work!

fingerprint business card

Chatty Business Card

Corporate communications consultant Megan Sheerin probably never fully appreciated how much her own name had to tell the world until branding design firm Ascender got a hold of it for her identity materials. The possibilities, however, seem endless…

megan sheering business card



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