New MultiLoft Swatchbook

MultiLoft-swb-125Those looking to replicate the look and feel of ultra-thick letterpress stationery using today’s short-run digital presses should take Convertible Solutions’ MultiLoft line for a test drive. This is something the specialty papermaker has made even easier this month with the release of their updated swatchbook, which features new enhancements to its October 2014 edition based on user feedback. Each sample includes that sheet’s number, description, gsm and caliper for easy paper selection.

“The beauty of MultiLoft is the ability to customize each piece,” explained Louella Duke, Convertible Solutions sales & customer service representative, in the company’s announcement. “The front to back of the print project can have a distinctive look and feel based on your choice of sheets and inserts.”

The result is an ability to quickly produce distinctive looking invitations, menus and announcements that are also substantial to the touch.

PRO members, request your copy of the new MultiLoft swatchbook now! (Not a member? Why not begin your PRO membership today?)

Convertible Solutions MultiLoft



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