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It’s OK to admit this: we do get a bit “theme obsessed” here at the good ship Cool Cards. But part of addressing any addiction is seeing how hard it is to circumvent the behavior in question. This week’s theme: cards we love for the heck of it. (Oh rats!) This week, we hit the backyard grill, exercise our library privileges, and take a journey around Cale Glendening’s cranium. (Previous Cool Cards of the Week can be found here.)

BKK Grill Business Card

Nothing like a dash of danger to make an ordinarily dull business card exciting. Here the name and contact details are printed in lemon juice, only to be revealed when exposed to heat – the ol’ invisible ink formula. (We can’t help but be reminded of this more recent blending of fire and business cards.)

grill business card


Library Specialist Business Card

We are great lovers of the free lending library, and admirers of those who go into the information sciences profession. Of course that only partially explains our appreciation for Morgan Dillard’s business card, designed by Tower of Babel‘s Eric Stevens. The delight, like the devil, is firmly in the details.

library business card

Director/Photographer’s Business Card

There is so much to love in Cale Glendening’s business card, beautifully designed by Seattle’s Invisible Creature. It does what a creative’s paper representative SHOULD do – it demonstrates the individual’s creativity in their chosen field. We’ll let Cale give you the details:

“The envelope holding my business card is black with my logo, also in black, embossed.  Even the writing on the actual business card is lightly embossed.

Down in the left corner is a little die cut box.  When the card is pulled out, it does a 360 around my head, just like a mini flip book.  The cards are also composed of 2 different pieces of paper glued together.  Not just one color on each side, but two individual pieces.  That way when the black side is embossed with my information, it doesn’t go through to the other side.  Boom, simple, tuxedo classy, and yet visually complex in design.  The mini stop animation implies my field of work.”

And be sure to check out this card for a more polished take on this idea.

photographer business cardphotographer business card


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