The Mohawk Maker Quarterly No. 3

maker3-125Mohawk continues its commitment to the “maker” movement with the third issue of The Mohawk Maker Quarterly.

In it, the company continues to make its case for people to put their smartphones down and actually get out there and make something substantial, by highlighting the work of artists, designers and small manufacturers in its pages.

This time out, the theme is “Pride in the Details” of which there are no shortage here – a little something for everybody. Highlights include:

  • An interview with design luminary Ellen Lupton, senior curator of contemporary design at The Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum
  • A piece on Italian paper sculpture maker Daniele Papuli (just Google him to see the marvels he creates).


The printing, like the paper – Mohawk Strathmore Pure Cotton – is top-notch. Strangely, both do more to promote the idea behind the whole “maker” cause than any of the stories contained therein. That’s because The Mohawk Maker Quarterly is almost a “proof of concept”, a physical object that reminds us of what we really mean when we speak of “craftsmanship”.

The stories inside are interesting, certainly, but the Web is awash with such stories. The Quarterly does what a good print piece does best – it takes a small chunk of our shared world and crystalizes it for deeper contemplation…like a delicate insect trapped in amber.

PaperSpecs readers, request your copy of The Mohawk Maker Quarterly No. 3. But hurry, offer expires at midnight ET Feb. 7th.





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