Make Somebody’s Life Easier This Holiday Season


Still searching for that last-minute Christmas gift for the designer in your life? Tired of watching them tear their hair out over outdated swatchbooks or an inability to get their paper and printing questions answered? Are YOU that designer? (It’s OK, you’re amongst friends here.) Whether it’s for you or someone you know, a PaperSpecs PRO membership is guaranteed to make any designer’s life a whole lot easier in 2017.

Every PRO membership brings you:

  • The ability to order the latest swatchbooks and promos from one website, without cost
  • Your own Paper Concierge standing by to answer your paper, printing and binding questions
  • Exclusive PRO Tips and videos covering everything from printing and finishing to unusual direct marketing approaches and more
  • A PRO Inspiration Box that arrives at your door packed with rare notebooks, promos, packaging and other paper goodies – no two are alike!

However, time is running out to order your PaperSpecs PRO gift membership in time for Christmas. Simply drop us a line before 1 PM PT on Dec. 23rd and we’ll send you a PDF announcing your generous gift that you can then either print out or forward to the lucky recipient! And if that PRO membership sounds like a gift you would like to give YOURSELF – your last tax-deductible business expense of the year – you can begin your own PRO experience right here!







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