Top 5 Paper Inspiration Videos of 2016


What a wild, wonderful and occasionally weird (hello Monster Folder) year it’s been for our weekly Paper Inspirations. While I found something to love in absolutely every one of the projects we featured, my team insisted that a short list of favorites is customary at year’s end, so here they are. I was particularly amazed to discover that three of my top 5 turned out to be packaging, but then again that is a part of our industry that’s grown dramatically in creativity in just the last few years.

So settle back with that pre-Christmas glass of eggnog, gather up those gifts still in need of wrapping, and join me as we revisit (in no particular order) these top 5 videos of 2016. I can’t wait to show you what we have lined up for the New Year!

(Playing the video below will take you through the Top 5 Paper Inspirations, or you can click on the individual links further down the page.)


Tiny Feather

Seu Azul

Sweet Tooth

Frogbox Cardboard Posters

Japanese Saké Koi



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