United States Capitol Building Foiled & Embossed Print

Over the years studies have shown that the more tactile the experience, the more an audience becomes connected to the brand they encounter. This “One Country, One Constitution…” print – designed, foiled and embossed by Baugh Graphic Finishing House – is a poignant example.

UV Printed (CMYK + Brown) by Printing Partners on 90 lb.Crane’s Lettra Fluorescent White Cover, this, the 6th print in Baugh’s “U.S. Landmarks” series, features an impressively large, sculptured emboss of the U.S. Capitol building.

U.S. Capitol Building Foiled & Embossed Print - PaperSpecs

What’s striking here is the sheer level of detail that was worked into the brass die. Not only did they include the columns in the “front”of the dome, for example, but if you look closely you can also glimpse (and feel) the columns “on the opposite side”of the building. And because it’s a multi-level die, you can actually feel the curvature of the dome, columns and other intricate details that abound in this 20-x-30-inch piece.

The tactile qualities lent by this superb emboss are, of course, bang on trend with the Top 5 Print Design Trends [PRO members, your video awaits] and also give the poster additional visual allure, as well.

This is all set against a stirring backdrop of the original Constitution. In the foreground, the American flag, rendered in Red and Blue foil, flies from a foiled pole, while the building’s Statue of Freedom (also foil) looks on in silent contemplation.

U.S. Capitol Building Foiled & Embossed Print - PaperSpecs

U.S. Capitol Building Foiled & Embossed Print - PaperSpecs

What I really love about this is how little foil was actually used in relation to the sheer size of the artwork. I think once we make up our minds to go with foil, we’re often tempted to use vast amounts of it. Here it’s deployed in minute quantities where appropriate, and as a FOIL to the embossing. (Frankly I’m amazed that it’s taken me this many years to use that pun ;-))


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Project Details

Title U.S. Capitol Building Foiled & Embossed Print Design Baugh Graphic Finishing House Print Printing: Printing Partners; Foiling and embossing: Baugh Graphic Finishing House Paper Crane’s Lettra 90 lb. Cover Fluorescent White

Production Details

Dimensions 20” x 30” Number of Colors CMYK + Brown Finishing and Binding Multi-level embossing, foil (Red, Blue, Silver, Gunmetal)
  1. Charles Jendrejeski 3 years ago

    Is it possible to order a copy of this U.S. Capitol building poster?

    • Author
      Aaron 3 years ago

      Hi Charles – The print was actually done a few years ago but we’re going to reach out and see if it’s still available – stay tuned!

      • Susanne Schropp 2 years ago

        I, too, would be interested to show students.

        • Author
          Aaron 2 years ago

          Hi Susanne – Just to double-check: is this in response to the U.S. Capitol Building print or something else? (We’ve received a lot of comment on another piece this week so wanted to be sure.) Thanks 🙂

  2. Cláudia Ferreira 3 years ago

    Really marvelous!

  3. SAMy Anderson 3 years ago

    Beautiful and challenging! Great creativity and finishing! Hopefully there will be an opportunity to get a copy!!

  4. Russ Hand 1 year ago

    I would love to get a copy of this poster as well. My brother is the engraver that engraved the brass die to emboss the poster.

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