Very Merry Christmas Paper Pack


Jeff Rogers  is one of those lucky designers who not only has a remarkable flair for finding the intersection between art and typography, but has also done so professionally for big name clients like Diet Coke, McDonald’s, Wells Fargo and others. Inspired to take advantage of the annual work slowdown around the holidays, he decided to use his typographical talents to spread a little joy with an entire suite of Christmas materials.

“There is something special about having an idea and following it through to the end,” says Jeff. “If nothing else, it is a good life exercise.”

The life exercise in this case included the hand crafting of 100 “Very Merry Christmas Paper Packs,” each containing screen-printed Christmas cards and postcards, wrapping paper, and hand-stamped gift tags and packaging.

Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of this pack when taken as a whole is just how distinctive the pieces are from each other – you don’t feel as if you’re being hit over the head with something branded, which is a good thing, really. Rather you get a taste of just how versatile Jeff is, which is perfect self-promotion for a designer.

Holiday materials are notoriously hard to pull off unless you know your audience. His distinctive gift tags are slightly cheeky without being biting, and he’s done an excellent job of raiding the Christmas music songbook for most of the text on display in his wrapping paper. One sheet in particular features lyrics from multiple carols and songs and really begs to be framed and brought out every year with the rest of the holiday trimmings. On the other hand, another sheet solely made up of the word “jingle” repeated endlessly in a jarring scrawl might send timid souls running screaming from the room. Now THAT’S versatility.

Speaking of wrapping paper (were we? Yes, we were – keep up or there will be no mulled wine for you!), all of these sheets have been printed on easily recycled newsprint, thereby solving one of gift giving’s biggest moral dilemmas – what to do with all that used wrapping paper.

Says Jeff of his Very Merry Christmas Paper Pack, “I was able to make the money back I spent on production and a little more which was one of the goals…and the other goal was spreading some joy around during the holidays.”

Goal met, Jeff!

765-very-merry-3 765-very-merry-5



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Project Details

Title Very Merry Christmas Paper Pack Client Self Date November 2013 Design Jeff Rogers Print Vahalla StudiosOverland Park, KS Linco PrintingNew York City, NY Jeff Rogers New York City Paper French Paper Dur-O-Tone Newsprint White 50 lb. Text

Production Details

Dimensions Varies Print Quantity 100 packs Production Time 2 weeks Printing Method Offset, screen print Number of Colors Newsprint: One color
Screen printing: 2 colors


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