PRO Benefits: Get up to Speed on Paper Basics


You know that feeling. The one where you actually hear yourself reach the limits of your paper or printing knowledge WHILE you’re talking to a client, print shop, or your boss. That moment you realize you really have no idea how paper weights are determined, for example, what difference they make, or even (heaven forbid) how paper is made in the first place. Thankfully when you’re a PaperSpecs PRO member, you have someone there who has your back.

From in-depth articles on topics such as “Caliper,” “Coated paper,” Double Thick Covers” and more, to short but educational videos that tackle everything from “Paper Qualities” and “Categories” to “Sustainability,” PRO members can become as knowledgeable about this medium upon which they rely as they’d like to be. And for those questions they still can’t find answers to? Well that’s what our there-when-you-need-her Paper Concierge is for!

And don’t miss these other benefits:

Ready to see how being a PaperSpecs PRO member can make your professional life a whole lot easier in 2017?







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