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Paper can educate, paper can inspire, and occasionally it can even make you feel as if you’ve landed in the lap of luxury. This week, we celebrate the Year of the Sheep, take off for the great outdoors with Land Rover, and admire a foil-stamped print that aims to help Christchurch, New Zealand heal after a series of earthquakes. (More Cool Designs of the Week here.)

Takeo ‘Year of the Sheep’ Design

The elegant client gift set Shine Visual Lab dreamed up for Malaysia’s Fine Paper Takeo takes as its theme 2015: The Year of Sheep, using “Baa Baa Black Sheep” as its jumping off point:

“The lyrics are brought to life through abstract designs according to an artist’s interpretation, creating a compilation that includes a set of Chinese New Year Red Packets with good wishes and a diary calendar. A fusion of Western elements and Asian influences to usher in a new year.”

Takeo Gift Set DesignTakeo Gift Set DesignTakeo Gift Set DesignTakeo Gift Set Design


Land Rover Defender Media Pack Design

Few vehicle brands are as synonymous with freedom and adventure as Land Rover. As production of the original Land Rover model, the Defender, drew to a close, FP Creative put together a multicomponent media pack called “Celebrating the Legend: the story behind the original Land Rover.”

Components include:

  • Two photo-packed books
  • A foldout A1-size Red Wharf Bay poster (with a
    comprehensive map of the Defender’s global expeditions on the reverse)
  • Technical information cards for the three special-edition 2015 Defenders
  • One of six miniature pop-out self-assembly card models of classic Defenders.

Somehow the packaging manages to convey the same mix of luxury and gritty adventure Land Rover has sold the world over.

Land Rover Defender Pack DesignLand Rover Defender Pack DesignLand Rover Defender Pack Design


Christchurch Art Print Design

The people of Christchurch, New Zealand have had a hell of a time over the last few years, dealing with a series of devastating earthquakes. ThompsonCo. has created two foil-stamped, limited edition prints that celebrate all that Christchurch has to offer, from great food and drink to shopping and art. More images here; you can also buy prints here.

Christchurch Art Print DesignChristchurch Art Print DesignChristchurch Art Print Design


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