Cool Packaging: Vismino Wine Labels


Music and fine wine being two of life’s sensual pleasures, it’s only natural that the two be combined from time to time, as Windfor’s Communication has done so playfully here with GWS’s Vismino wines, and more importantly, its labels. First, a special piano was built, linking every note to a specific tube.


Next, each tube was filled with a different color of paint.

vismino wine label packaging

Meanwhile, a great deal of thought was put into how best the vintners could tie music to their wine even before the bottling process. One way: Placing “loudspeakers playing classical music in the vineyards to influence cultivation of grapes.” When it came time to create the labels, they came up with a piece of classical music that they thought best conveyed the character of each wine, and had that music played on the special piano. Every time a chord was struck, a dot of ink dripped onto a paint canvas. By the time the piece had been played in its entirety, the canvas boasted a unique design, which was then reproduced on that particular wine’s label. A special QR code appears on each bottle, allowing you to scan it and listen to the music that inspired the wine. (The video below is a tad long but well worth a watch if you’re having trouble picturing how this all was accomplished.)

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vismino wine label packaging


vismino wine label packaging


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