Neenah’s Retail Card an Eco Winner

At a time when it isn’t just petrulli-tinged peace-and-love types carrying canvas bags to the corner store anymore, the modern gift certificate remains one of the few things that can still throw you into a social-responsibility tailspin.

Nearly every one you pick up is a sliver of plastic guaranteed to outlast the recipient by a century or two.

Continuing to push for greener solutions with its Environment line, Neenah Paper this month introduced the Environment Retail Card, a 100% paper-based, stored-value card. Boasting a 97 brightness, Silk or Gloss coating, and 28 pt. caliper, these cards are sure to get noticed. They’re stocked 28 x 40 and come in 100-sheet cartons.

Naturally, their environmental credentials are pristine, too:

  • Recycled: 40% post-consumer fiber
  • Green-e certified: Made with 100% renewable energy
  • FSC certified
  • Recyclable (no PVC).

In other words, the gift that STOPS giving once it’s been redeemed.


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