iStockphoto’s Trends of 2012

Where oh where would we be without stock images? Can you imagine having to turn around every project you tackle in just a few days if you had to put together a photo shoot for each and every one?

We now receive some insight into the other side of this business thanks to iStockphoto’s insightful infographic (and a 54 page report), which gives us an idea of just what we searched its ever-growing collection for in 2012.

Without further adieu, here are the most searched categories of 2012:

  • 73%: People – Diversity being key
  • 68%: Business – From different cultures, working through the night
  • 67%: Concepts – Coziness, comfort, and colors from nature
  • 58%: Lifestyle – People having fun…without spending much $$$
  • 42%: Medical – Real health topics in real-world environments.

Some more highlights:

  • 98%: Number of creatives who use stock images in their work (just 34% in 1986)
  • 41%: Those who use 4-5 sites for stock images (only 14% use one site)
  • 98% vs. 32%: Percentage of royalty free images used vs. rights-managed images.

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