Moleskines of the Rich and Famous

Creatives are the nosey type by nature, certainly anxious to have a peek at what’s in your Moleskine. Fortunately for us, Moleskine has finally compiled the best parts of its six-year-old “Detour” traveling exhibit of notable creatives’ Moleskines into book form.

The 7.2” x 9.8,” 352-page “Moleskine: The Detour Book” features photographs – interior and exterior – of the private Moleskines of more than 250 artists, writers, photographers, film directors and other “thinky” types.

In its pages, you will find an accordion-fold series of photographs by photographer Mary Ellen Mark, a low-detail doodle by director Spike Jonze, an odd juxtaposition of photos and art from fashion designer Christian Lacroix, and a whimsical meditation on typography courtesy of graphic designer Paula Scher. And just like other Moleskines, the volume clasps shut with a stretchy band.

While there’s been no shortage of artist-notebook books lately, few offer the wide spectrum of creative disciplines on display here. You might not necessarily be inspired to embark on new projects based on these jottings, but the whole thing might nudge you to pick up that discarded notebook of your own one more time.


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