Direct Mail Fail 2

lisa_125There was a time when all you had to do was keep your direct-mail list up-to-date. Now it seems we have to add “libel free” to that list. San Francisco writer Lisa McIntire recently received a credit card offer from Bank of America addressed to “Lisa is a Slut McIntire”, the Los Angeles Times reports. More specifically, McIntire’s mother received the mailing.

Said the writer,

“What kind of got my adrenaline pumping is that I’m a feminist writer on the Internet, so getting a piece of mail that my mom is opening that says I’m a ‘slut’ made me think, ‘Oh God, which troll of mine is doing this?'” McIntire said. “But I don’t think that’s what happened here. … My working theory is that this is some data entry person [messing] around. I don’t think it’s aimed at me.”

This bit of direct-mail Tourette’s is the second to hit the headlines recently, following an OfficeMax communication addressed to Mike Seay “Daughter Killed in Car Crash” a few weeks back.




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